24 tons of humanitarian aid donated by Russia arrive in Cuba

The government of Russia sent to Cuba 24 tons of humanitarian aid to alleviate the increase in coronavirus cases on the island, confirmed the embassy of that country in Havana.

The shipment includes medical supplies, such as protective suits and syringes, according to a message released by the diplomatic headquarters on its Twitter account.

“Russia donated humanitarian aid to Cuba, which includes multipurpose medical protective suits and injection syringes with a total weight of almost 24 tons,” says the post on the microblogging platform.

Humanitarian aid shipments to the island from Moscow have become frequent after the social outbreak of July 11 in more than 60 Cuban cities.

Since then, allies of the regime such as Venezuela, Mexico and Russia have tried to alleviate the island’s crisis with shipments of food and medicine to alleviate the situation of the discontented population.

An example of this was evidenced last January 1, when another cargo of 22 tons arrived in Havana of medical supplies sent by the Kremlin.

The support given by these governments to the Cuban regime – which is going through a credibility crisis and the weakening of its power structures – has not been limited solely to humanitarian issues.

On the one hand, Caracas has doubled shipments of gasoline and food to Cuban ports; While this Thursday the alarms sounded in Washington after the Russian Vice Foreign Minister, Sergei Riabkov, warned that he did not rule out a Russian military deployment in Cuba and in Venezuela if tensions with the United States increase over the Ukraine issue.

“I do not want to confirm or rule out anything,” said the Russian diplomat in an interview with the Russian channel RTVI, without offering further details.

The threat of military deployment in Cuba and Venezuela in response to the current tension in Ukraine corresponds to an interest previously declared by the Russian nation in both Latin American countries.

In June 2021, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu told a conference on international security that “Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua require Moscow’s military support as never before due to the different forms of pressure that these nations experience ”.

The statements of this Thursday by the Russian Vice Foreign Minister had repercussions in the White House, where the government considered Russia’s threats to initiate military deployments in Cuba and Venezuela as “boastful”, but warned that it is preparing a forceful response in case these were to materialize. .

Joe Biden’s administration said it will give a “Decisive answer” if the government of Vladimir Putin takes concrete steps to consummate an escalation in the region.

“We are not going to respond to boastfulness. If Russia really started to move in that direction, we would confront it decisively,” he told CiberCuba a senior official in the State Department.

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