24 hours in the life of sports coach Anaïs Jazmine

7h30. I am a night owl, early riser by obligation. I’ve never been a morning child, but I had to learn to be. My days are busy so if I want to do everything on time, waking up at dawn is almost mandatory. The first thing I do when I wake up is stomach vacuum (a core exercise related to breathing) from my bed. So I take several breaths. Then I go straight to wash my face. I always get a very cold splash of water on my face. Then I massage it with a Gua Sha, or with my hands, with serum.

8h15. After a protein shaker or a flat stomach infusion, I arrive at the gym by bike. I train every day. I always start by warming up on my treadmill. I walk briskly, on a maximum incline, for 12 minutes. Then I will work the glutes. I will alternate phases of intense muscle building with a lot of loads and active recovery with jump rope for 1 minute. I end with two stomach breaths and the plank. If I still have a little bit of time left, I do 10 to 15 minutes in the pool. I also allow myself one or two hammams per week, especially on Sunday evenings.

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9h. After a good hour in the room, I go to the office to start working. 9 years ago, I discovered the stomach vacuum. At that time, I was artistic director in fashion and advertising. I was like a revelation, and I decided to give up everything to start pilates training. To learn the trade, I started to coach a lot of women from 20 to 50 years old at home. I quickly realized that they all had the same issues. Namely: hormonal concerns, extremely active lifestyles, eating disorders, intestinal concerns, trust issues very often linked to Instagram. They could not take the time to play sports and especially to take care of themselves. Based on this observation, I decided to create: the Belly Sculpting. It is a method that merges the stomach vacuum and Pilates. It obviously acts on the abs (and therefore offers a flat stomach) but also on sleep, hormonal concerns, stress, etc. I really wanted to give another dimension to classic abs sessions. After having hosted lives on Instagram during the first confinement, I decided to create my own programs.

12h. I’m a monomaniac: I’ve always eaten the same thing. I’m going to make myself some feta scrambled eggs with very good bread (gluten-free or country-style) that I’m going to toast with a drizzle of olive oil and coarse salt. And I end with a kiwi.

14h – 21h. I cannot yet create working days with fixed schedules. I still take calls until very late in the evening. When I’m not in the office, I teach in the studio. Lately, I was busy imagining my second method: Xtreme Belly Boxing. It is a concept that takes the basics of Belly Sculpting allied to those of boxing. So we start with hypopressive gymnastics with several breaths, we continue with pilates to wake up the body and work on its posture, then we finish with 15 minutes of boxing. With Belly Sculpting, I lacked this very important cardio aspect to lose fat mass. This new program is done in pairs. It’s a more fun, more fun challenge. I also wanted to introduce women to this combat sport so that they gain self-confidence.

21h. If I finish working too late, I prefer a very light dinner (soup or tea) so as not to run the risk of sleeping badly. Otherwise, I try to impose myself a moment with my partner around a good meal. Since I’m a monomaniac (laughs), the menu very often consists of a quinoa salad with raw vegetables, protein and a little cheese. I had eating disorders between the ages of 17 and 20. For example, I had a phobia about carbohydrates. I haven’t eaten a single dairy product for almost three years. It was madness. Today, I got out of it. I have a very healthy relationship with food. I eat everything and I hate the word “diet” because I refuse the frustration. My only exception? I rarely, if ever, eat processed foods, and I do not eat white, wheat-based foods.

00h. I have very big problems with insomnia. I think a lot so I go to bed very late. I have always been very anxious, even more since I started working on social media. It is a world where we must always renew ourselves, pay attention to the competition, anticipate, etc. I use my body every day, so at night I have a hard time totally cutting. To try to solve this problem, I started to educate myself on everything that revolves around energies, the law of attraction. I also use gemstones a lot to calm myself down. I have an altar at home where I store my energy candles and crystals that help me relax at night. Otherwise, another tip against anxiety and therefore insomnia, I write a lot. My sensations, my feelings … Everything goes. I try to show as many positive things as possible. Besides, I never fall asleep without a meditation.

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