23 years after the crime of Horacio Aguirre: his four children, more brothers than ever

By Augusto Meyer / Writing of La Brújula 24

Perfumes, stories or customer comments; meals, anecdotes that transcend over time, cycling races that are broadcast on television … circumstances, all of them, that bring to the memory of their children the memory of Horacio Juan Aguirre, the 50-year-old businessman who was shot four times by two criminals who broke into the Oasis supermarket in Villa Ressia.

In 2021, it was 23 years since the murder of a man who was much more than the owner of a neighborhood self-service.

This medium was able to bring together Aguirre’s four children to review the strong experience of living “orphans”, with the example of the “old man” going around in endless daily situations.

Alejandra, Laura, Gabriel and Lorena comply with the premises they raised in an interview with this editor two months after the crime for which Sergio Fabián Blanco and Jorge Ricardo Almirón were convicted. The note was published in La Nueva. on July 18, 1998, with the title: “Heirs of a special temper: rebuilding on faith.”

The Aguirre brothers maintain the union proclaimed in that note, with the component of a high dose of love and without resentment towards those who took their father away from them.

The neighborhood square is named Horacio Aguirre, in memory of the merchant murdered 23 years ago.


For Gabriel, his father’s crime has a peculiarity: it was committed on his 23rd birthday.

“The first years were difficult. He did not celebrate the same day and, with alternation, there were years that were more brave than others, “he said.

Horacio Aguirre, from the premises of Calle Paunero 1130, took on his shoulders, with the collaboration of his children, Children’s Day festivals that cheered several generations and residents of other neighborhoods beyond Villa Ressia.

“When he turned 50, in March 1998, he said: ‘I lived up to here; from now on, it is what God gives me, ‘”recalled Laura, who pointed out that the synergy with her father went beyond the blood bond. “If dad was not well, neither are we,” he slipped and said that, with his brothers, he has a WathsApp group entitled “Together we are more.”

“The best inheritance I have are my brothers. When we go through a crisis, we buckle up and we get ahead, ”he said.


Despite being the youngest of the female daughters, Horacio Aguirre claimed that Lorena had a higher maturity than a 21-year-old girl, the age she was when the crime was committed.

“Many young people have no idea what happened and many great people who knew, were dying. I need you not to forget what happened and what it meant. Our dad died on a Saturday night and on Tuesday we had to open businesses to provide security for the employees. With Laura, we divided the first days between attending the business and going to the police station, to the DDI, to a recognition in a round of people or whatever. We postponed what happened to us because we had to continue and support my mother (who died about five years ago) ”, he indicated.

In the last kiss with her father, Lorena felt that special baby cologne scent that Horacio used to wear, along with anti-wrinkle creams and green oil.

He also said that every time they learn of a homicide on the occasion of robbery, the news hits them mercilessly.

“It is impossible not to feel empathy because you know what the family is up to; you relive the event, with the difference that it is someone else, “he said.


Gabriel spoke of the collateral damage that a situation as terrible as the one they experienced leaves in the family.

“We had no experience and, from one day to the next, we had to take over two supermarkets with a lot of employees. My old woman began to die day by day, because her partner was missing. I went from being a friend of my co-workers, my father’s employees, to being a boss at 23 years old, “he described.

Heir also to his father’s name, Gabriel took refuge in faith to overcome the blow.

“Orphanhood is felt. The family grew and we stick together. A father’s sister helps us a lot, an aunt who is very present and pending, ”he stressed.

Laura expressed herself along the same lines, stating: “This tragedy took not only Dad but also a large part of us, who wanted to live our life and suddenly we found another life.”

“You get used to living with this and you get through the pain as best you can. If Dad had died when he laid his head on the pillow, it would be unexpected but natural. Dad became a hero and for years, therapy involved, it took a lot of work because I want memories of him. It’s not easy to go back to what you wanted, ”he explained.


There is no customer of the Oasis supermarket who does not have in mind the memory of Horacio Juan Aguirre.

“Every time Pedro comes he tells me the same story: that he had his first modular and first dresser thanks to my father who, when nobody trusted him, gave him money to pay as he could. ‘Are you Aguirre’s daughter? You don’t know what your dad was with me… ‘; that’s all the time, ”Laura said.

By mid-1998 Alejandra, the eldest of Aguirre’s daughters, was pregnant. The shock of the crime remained an indelible mark.

“If I reproach life for something, it is that, in the greatest moment of happiness, which was the birth of my son, I had that stain of anguish, of mourning. When you bring a child into the world, you want to enjoy it and give it all the love you can, be calm and calm. I lived the duel as I could, to the tumbles, “he said.

In the mouth of the heirs comes the peace and rationality that only love can give.

“We have things like anyone else, but my brothers and my family saved me. As you get older, you realize that ”, mentioned Alejandra.

“Dad had the ability to empathize with anyone and people’s affection for us is unconditional. There are clients who tell us that they dream of him. I was always the one who idealized him the most, but it is true that he would have said: ‘guys: the curtain rises; come on, life goes on ‘. And you have to continue, as you can, “he emphasized.

The Oasis de Brasil and Jujuy supermarket branch.


Not even being before a new traumatic experience that takes them back to June 13, 1998, deviates these brothers from a way of living. Alejandra has already experienced an armed robbery at the Oasis supermarket branch in Brazil and Jujuy.

“There I understood what could have happened to my father when he came to the defense of Lorena and Laura the day they killed him. It was terrible, they targeted my daughter !! ”, he affirmed.


We chose to close the note with the memory of a happy Horacio Aguirre, a family member and with a good sense of humor.

His heirs say that when he returned from riding a bicycle, his great passion after his wife, children and grandchildren known and to come, was doing sit-ups.

Once the exercise session was over, she would say to one of her children: “I’m cute, right?”


Sergio Fabián Blanco and Jorge Ricardo Almirón, sentenced for killing Horacio Juan Aguirre with four bullets on June 13, 1998, their antecedents – before and after – define an unequivocal profile of what kind of people they are.

They were arrested three days after the crime and exactly 762 days later, on May 16, 2000, the Court of Appeal and Guarantees in Criminal Matters sentenced them to 21 years and 20 years in prison, respectively. The penalties were reduced to 18 -Blanco- and 17 -Almirón- by the Buenos Aires Court of Cassation.

The appeals were extended in time and that enabled the application of the repealed “2 × 1” law, by which, after the first 24 months, each year detained without a final sentence, should be double counted.

That meant that, after serving half of the sentence, the Criminal Chamber granted the releases of Blanco and Almirón. This happened on November 24, 2007, under oath, and allowed the murderers to leave the Villa Floresta prison.

The ex-convicts took different paths, but both remained linked to crime, as if it were an addiction.

Almirón was the first to reoffend. 95 days after his release, he was apprehended for the armed robbery of a cyber from General Paz at 200, and the attempted theft of a motorcycle four blocks from that business.

Blanco, in August 2011, was arrested along with two accomplices and two months later sentenced to two years in prison for a robbery of a house in Palihue.

Currently both are at liberty because, for the Justice and the current laws, they have already paid their faults.

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