Facebook was looking at Instagram as a threat, email shows. On Wednesday, US lawmakers broiled Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO about the company’s acquisition of well-known photograph service Instagram, blaming the company for smothering competition by copying and snapping up adversaries.  During an extensive antitrust hearing, individuals from the House legal executive’s antitrust subcommittee highlighted emails, Read more about INSTAGRAM CAN HURT US: MARK ZUCKERBERG[…]

Google won’t reopen offices until July-2021

Until next summer, the search giant has decided to keep many employees at home.  For many workers, Google has decided that offices won’t reopen until next summer due to coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, CEO Sundar Pichai stated to employees that through June 30, 2021, the search giant will be extending its option of work from Read more about Google won’t reopen offices until July-2021[…]

T-Mobile tools for fighting call-scams

For fighting robocalls and scams T-Mobile taught its tools to help customers block unwanted calls. There are scammers who are using robocalls to take benefits from American wireless customers. T-Mobile says that it’s being more aggressive in fighting these scammers. Via webcast Thursday, the company made the issue the latest Un-carrier marketing event subject. Since T-Mobile’s Read more about T-Mobile tools for fighting call-scams[…]

Mozilla launches VPN service

VPNs are the most popular tools to hide online activities where Mozilla launches VPN service to protect user’s privacy. VPNs are the most advanced tool to restrict the streaming service of bypassing geography-based and online activities. On Wednesday, Mozilla declared about its launch of a VPN service. It said that its virtual private network service is available Read more about Mozilla launches VPN service[…]

Google will Fund 100,000 certification scholarships

US – Google will soon start funding 100,000 online certification scholarships so that Us workers can get jobs. Recently, Google announced to help US workers by its new initiative, so that workers can get high-paying qualifications, and high-growth job fields like user experience design, data analytics, and project management. Google said that the company will Read more about Google will Fund 100,000 certification scholarships[…]

Fix Norton error 8921 & 243

Norton LiveUpdate is a utility developer of Norton that provides updates and help in downloading the updates of AVG. AVG’s latest version is available at site. Sometimes, during the upgrade through LiveUpdate, the user faces Norton error 8921 and 243 with “Norton LiveUpdate has completed with an unknown error” message.  If you are the Read more about Fix Norton error 8921 & 243[…]