20 years after S-11: Who were the key characters before, during and after the attacks?

Surely September 11, 2001 will remain in the retina and memory of everyone in the world, and over the decades it will continue to be a black page in the history of USA, but what few will remember will be who were the key characters to explain the stages of this process.

Rudolph Giuliani: the former mayor of New York (1994-2001) who went from being the “man of the year” from Time magazine in 2001 and named “gentleman of honor” by the United Kingdom by to shoulder the reconstruction of Manhattan after the attacks, to become a fervent follower, personal lawyer and captain of the legal battle that the former president wanted to give Donald Trump, in his attempt to twist the lost elections before Joe Biden in 2021.

George W. Bush: the former US president who a month after learning, surrounded by students at a Florida school, that two planes hit the Twin Towers, ordered the invasion of Afghanistan in search of the head of Osama bin Laden But it ended up being the longest war in American history, ending days ago with a retreating Army and a new Taliban government in power.

Osama Ben Laden: the Saudi militiaman who founded the Al Qaeda network and planned the attacks that hurt America the most in its territory throughout its history, something that catapulted its face to all the world’s media, and cost its death at the hands of a special mission of US forces in the mountains of Pakistan in 2011.

Saddam Hussein: the Iraqi military leader who went from being the main ally of the United States in the Middle East during the 1980s, to become the most wanted person in the White House since the Pentagon decided to invade Iraq in 2003 in search of weapons of mass destruction, which were never found.

Edward Snowden: the former CIA and NSA agent who published millions of US intelligence data in 2013 that they exposed the dimension of the massive espionage of the United States around the world, even to allied countries and leaders, and who, persecuted by the United States Justice, today lives as a political asylee in Russia.

Julian Assange: the Australian computer scientist who founded WikiLeaks and leaked in 2010 some 400,000 classified documents on how American troops tortured and murdered civilians, during the armed conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, which led him to be imprisoned today in a UK jail for espionage and intrusion.

Jacques Chirac: the President of France (1995-2007) who accompanied the US invasion of Afghanistan in October 2001 but who stood out, within the almost impenetrable consensus of the leaders of the Western powers of the time, for say no to the White House on its military foray al Iraq Saddam Hussein and 2003.

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