20 recipes with flavors from elsewhere to cook Asia

Fragrant, exotic, colorful and tasty…

These are the adjectives that come up most often in the mouths of the French when they evoke Asian cuisine according to a study carried out in February 2019*. According to this same study, one in four French people eat it every week and their favorite recipes are spring rolls and Cantonese rice. A bit simplistic, however, as is the term Asian cuisine, which should be put in the plural as they are so diverse and rich…

The plurality of Asian cuisine

Fortunately, recent years have seen the emergence of more and more addresses specifically dedicated to regional Chinese cuisines, Korean, Laotian, Taiwanese, Thai and Indonesian specialities. Also note the boom in chic canteens delivering monomaniacal delicacies: Chinese bao, katsudon with breaded pork and Japanese okonomiyaki, Vietnamese bánh mì… This sandwich, garnished in particular with grated carrots, vegetable pickles and Vietnamese mortadella, is THE street food dish in vogue right now. There are countless variations, whether at Nonette (71, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, Paris-11th), the excellent take-out counter of chef Khanh-Ly ​​Huynh who prepares all her homemade charcuterie, or at Gramme ( 86, rue des Archives, Paris-3rd), the famous coffee-shop which is inspired by it to offer a version with brioche bread closer to the hot dog. Without wanting to appropriate the impressive Asian culinary culture, the following recipes have no other vocation than to make you travel with some techniques and ingredients still too little known. And if you decide to celebrate the Chinese New Year, which will begin this year on February 1 under the sign of the Water Tiger, don’t forget to prepare ravioli the day before. Thanks to their shape reminiscent of ancient Chinese silver ingots, they remain essential on the menu to wish good fortune on the plate. Treat yourself !

* By Harris Interactive for Deliveroo.

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