16 years after the Robbery of the Century: USD 19 million inhalable, two “ghosts” and the new life of the band

Luis Mario Vitette Sellanes lost eleven kilos and is enjoying the summer with his family. Rubén Alberto de la Torre receives proposals to make documentaries, but he wants to act again as he did in the series Un gallo para aesculapio. Julián Zalloechevarría graduated as a criminal lawyer. Sebastián García Bolster, the “engineer”, returned to repair motorcycles. And Fernando Araujo dedicates himself fully to his career as a screenwriter, a role for which he was nominated at the Sur Awards.

In addition to being the brain of the robbery, he was the engine and soul of the film inspired by the robbery of the century from the Río de Acassuso bank, which occurred on January 13, 2006. The play, directed by Ariel Winograd, attracted more than two million people before the pandemic.

16 years after the most important assault in Argentine criminal history, and considered one of the largest in the world, the thieves of the famous gang – who robbed a bank with replica pistols – are retired from the crime.

Fernando Araujo in an exclusive photo published by Infobae and that the brain of the band was taken out the day of the robbery: there they fled in two gomones with 19 million dollars

They fled in two gomones in the opposite direction of the river, with bags containing about 19 million dollars. The Police recovered only one million. Where is the rest of the money?

At this point it is arguably unlikely that cash will be found. “Burying silver is old. Insurance is in properties, front men or silver in black that re-entered the banking system ”, a source with access to the file risks saying.

“I spent everything on lawyers, on fast women and slow horses,” Vitette Sellanes often says. And it is clear that his “Emerald Green” jewelry is legal and that he does not sell any jewelery stolen in the assault. Fernando Araujo says the same thing, that he had nothing left. What is striking is that no member of the band changed their way of life. They do not ride in luxury cars, they do not buy houses in countries or travel the world.

The Police were not dedicated to tracking the loot either because the bank arranged with all the victims. But it is clear that that money did not disappear. As Infobae learned, of the last ten major bank robberies, only the million that was in the hands of “Beto” de la Torre was recovered, who was hiding it in his home in Parque Patricios.

The band comes from charging money for their participation in a Netflix documentary and some of them charged for the use of images and for a gig in the movie Theft of the century, devised by Araujo.

However, three of the gang members complained that the distribution of the loot was not equitable. But there are not too many details on that.

At this point it is arguably unlikely that cash will be found. “Burying silver is old. Insurance is in properties, front men or silver in black that re-entered the banking system ”, a source with access to the file risks saying.

“The risen one”: a thief who was never caught and who had all been left for dead

What is another great mystery has to do with the other two members of the gang who were never arrested and their names and faces are never known. One of them was presumed dead, but, as Infobae discovered, he is alive: they call him “the resurrected one” The other, the “ghost ruffian”, also spoke with this medium and said that his life is normal, that he enjoys his son and that you don’t need to steal again.

Except for Araujo and Bolster, the other thieves are men over 60 years of age. Some of them reached their 70s. “For the purebred thug, old age is worse than the police,” the “ghost ruffian” often says.

The silence of the thief of the century

“That is past buried. I’ve already turned the page and I’m on another one, ”says Luis Mario Vitette Sellanes when asked to talk about the robbery of the century.

He assures that he already said everything. That there were no words left. Just the man who outwitted 300 cops and negotiated skillfully. He was the singing voice of the band during the assault and before the media.

After the success of his book Theft of the century, a story of love and crime, he goes through his second crime book and attends his jewelry store “Verde Esmeralda”, in San José, Uruguay, where he has an oiled security system, as well as his house.

The former scrutinizer, jewelry and bank robber, now defines himself as a father of a family, jeweler, watchmaker and social media expert and writer.

Beto de la Torre with Alejandra Darín. The former thief who was betrayed by his wife dreams of being an actor

Although he admits that he has an ego, he feels that he no longer needs prominence. He managed to be the most famous thief in Argentina. He has 25 thousand followers on Twitter, two Facebook accounts “exploded”, as he puts it, an Instagram account managed by his wife, and he claims to have given more than 200 interviews. It lists CNN in Spanish, the Society magazine in Paris, El País de España, the Russian network Sputnik, among other media. “They even called me from China,” he says. And he insists: “I don’t want to know anything about the robbery of the century. It already happened ”.

The bandit who wants to act

Rubén Alberto de la Torre was the first thief to enter the bank and the first to be arrested. He was betrayed by his ex-wife, Alicia di Tullio, because according to her he was going to elope with the money and with his lover. “Beto”, as they say, has been a crime from the age of 12, he was a member of the mythical super-gang that robbed banks and armored vehicles and was a key player in the robbery of the century. He was imprisoned for eight years.

“I keep moving forward, trying to get into some gig or some project as an actor, which I also like a lot. I studied theater and that helped me a lot to participate in the miniseries Un gallo para Esculapio, produced by Sebastián Ortega, and in the movie Theft of the Century, where I make a cameo. In one I act as a prefect and in another as a police officer, in order to act as an actor, I act as the enemy, ”says De la Torre.r

He also retired from the crime. He lost count of the number of robberies he committed. He says he spent a lifetime stealing. In general with long weapons.

“Now I see it as a wrong path, even though it may have produced a coin at the time, it gave me many troubles. I lost a family, I lost affection, I lost time, I lost experiences ”, he reveals.

“I am sorry for what I did in the crime, but I do not regret who I am. And the heist of the century was incredible because we were a strong group and it was my dream retirement. From then on, unthinkable things came to me, like many people greet me because we somehow defeated the power of a bank, ”says Beto.

As she considers participating in a documentary and fiction project, she hopes to return to acting. He would like to appear in El Marginal.

The Lawyer and the Martian

For Julián Zalloechevarría, another of those who entered Banco Río 16 years ago, the assailant was forgotten. “For me the robbery of the century was like having played and won a crime World Cup,” he says. He received his law degree and is passionate about the authors of law books. Spend hours reading.

Sebastián García Bolster, alias El Marciano, never assumed his participation in the event, but was convicted and imprisoned for four years. When he left he returned to his trade: repairing motorcycles.

He had a cameo in the film starring Guillermo Francella and is excited about the idea of ​​writing a film script like his friend Fernando Araujo.

Bolster was essential in the initial stage of the robbery, especially in the construction of the tunnel, the dam and the practical tools with which they opened 146 safe deposit boxes.

The brain, from theft to art

Fernando Araujo was the mind behind the robbery of the century. He devised the assault as if they were the pictures he painted in his spare time. He was the author of the famous phrase found by the police in the vault, when the thieves had left: “In the neighborhood of rich men, without weapons or grudges, it is only money and not love.”

Araujo built the concept of theft with everything he had at hand, from his technical knowledge (he studied electronic engineering for three years) to the most unusual artisanal resources. He called it “a philosophical and spiritual robbery”, in which he fused martial arts techniques (he is a teacher of jiu jitsu and karate) and concepts from Sun Tzu’s Art of War. One of them, essential: “No weapons or violence.”

After the assault, Araujo set out to produce and write the film inspired by the audacious coup. The film was a success. Later, along with some of his former accomplices, he participated in an upcoming documentary.

The invisible criminals

They are in their 70s. They were never arrested or suspected. Their names and faces are a mystery. They have a criminal past with many robberies, shootings, and days in jail. The two withdrew. One of them enjoys his son, takes him to the movies, plays ball with him and wants nothing to do with stealing again. The other, the last to appear, claims that he is missing jewelry and it pains him to be suspicious of his companions. “Marito said it, Beto said it, someone here kept part of the loot,” says the criminal who was presumed dead.

But it is more alive than ever.

Source: “Infobae”

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