16 years after "Heist of the century": the leader of the band remembered it on Twitter

16 years ago one carried out the most resonant robbery in recent Argentine history. A criminal gang made up of five people robbed a sum close to 19 million dollars when entering the safe deposit boxes at Banco Río.

They entered the bank, simulated a common robbery, the police quickly arrived and took 23 people hostage. However, while the gang leader was negotiating a fake handover with the police over the phone, Two other members of the band took out everything that was inside the safes.

Later they escaped right the other side, through a hole that they had previously made and it took them weeks to be able to carry it out, which led to a sewer.

The rest is history already known, even in 2020 the movie “Theft of the century” came out, starring Guillermo Francella and Diego Peretti.

Nowadays, everyone is free after serving their respective sentences. Only part of the money, jewelry and documentation could be recovered.

The memory of the leader of the band

Luis Mario Vitette He was not only the leader of the five criminals who assaulted the Río Bank, but he is the most well-known face, who received the most flashes and, in fact, enjoyed that fame.

This Thursday on her Twitter account Vitette recalled the 16 years of the great coup in a particular way. He took a picture of the manhole cover where they escaped that January 13, 2006 and wrote a text:

“Today 16 years ago I left through this cover, from Libertad and Tres Sargentos streets, rich and free and ended up poor because of a creeping man and imprisoned by 2 informers.”

Tweet de Luis Mario Vitette 👌

In that tweet the leader of the band refers to the betrayals within the gang which led to the fall of the protagonists of the robbery a short time later.

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