15 years after the femicide of Nora Dalmasso, the widower will go to trial by jury

Nora Dalmasso was murdered at her home in the Cordovan city of Río Cuarto in 2006, the case today has only one defendant, the widower Marcelo Macarrón, who in the coming months will have to face a trial by jury as accused of being the mastermind of the homicide Although if he is declared innocent, the case will go unpunished, judicial sources reported Thursday. It is that if Macarrón (60) is not convicted, and since there is no other line of investigation with another accused suspect, the judicial case will be prescribed, as established by the Penal Code for this type of crimes, for having spent 15 years after the facts.

Macarrón will be tried at the beginning of next year under the accusation of being the “intellectual author of homicide qualified by the link, treachery and price or remuneration promise”, a crime that provides for a life sentence.

The prosecutor in the case, Luis Pizzarro, said in statements to the program So are Things of FM Gospel de Río Cuarto, that having brought the case to trial is a success in itself.

“If this instance is reached, it is because the requisition contained the necessary probability. What happens in a trial is a random question, “he said.

“When I intervened, the cause was more than 10 years old. The proof is always being diluted. In the trial other elements are at stake that exceed the investigation, ”the judicial official stressed.

In addition, Pizzaro clarified: “We analyzed the entire test. Many elements were valued and genetic material was one of them. All the evidence will be aired at trial. I finished my task by bringing the case to trial ”.

It was Pizarro himself who in 2019 closed the investigation of the case with Macarrón accused as the alleged “instigator” of his wife’s crime, and with the hypothesis that he was motivated by alleged “marital disagreements and economic issues.”

At that time, the lawyer Marcelo Brito, Macarrón’s defender, had considered “absurd, fanciful and insubstantial” the prosecution of the prosecutor Pizarro, who concluded the investigation that his colleagues Javier Di Santo and Daniel Miralles had initiated, later separated from the file.

Despite being against the accusation, the defense did not oppose the elevation of the case to trial because it believes that the widower will be acquitted, although it did present in writing a series of technical “observations and objections” and questioned the “judgments very serious of the accusation ”.

For his part, the widower always claimed to be innocent and said that at the time of the crime he was in the Uruguayan city of Punta del Este where he played, and won, a golf tournament with some friends.

The judicial process could begin in February of next year, and in the first instance, the draw will be held to determine who will be the 40 popular juries that will be together with the magistrates of the First Crime Chamber: Daniel Vaudagna, Natacha García and Gustavo Etchenique Esteve.

They are more popular juries than usual as possible challenges from Macarrón’s defense are expected.

The sources explained that once this instance is over, and the jury has already defined it, it is estimated that the trial could begin in March or April.

Macarrón is the only defendant in the case and despite being accused of one of the most serious crimes provided for in the Penal Code, he remains at liberty.

“We have ruled out the hypothesis of a material author, although Macarrón continues to be investigated as an instigator,” said prosecutor Pizarro.

The only complainant in the case is Nora’s mother, María Nélida Grassi.

One of the previous prosecutors, Miralles, was the one who accused the widower of the “homicide qualified by the bond” of his wife based on the discovery of his semen in the victim’s body.

On that occasion, Macarrón paid a bail of three million pesos that allowed him to be free while the judicial process continues.

However, the new prosecutor drew up a new hypothesis for the event and pointed to a commissioned crime with economic interests involved.

In 15 years, in addition to the widower, the former adviser to the Cordovan government Rafael Magnasco, the painter Gastón Zárate, and Facundo Macarrón (son of Marcelo and Dalmasso) were indicted in the case, although all of them were finally dismissed.

Zárate was nicknamed parsley in Río Cuarto and there were marches in his favor when he was detained for a few days, and he was dissociated from the crime more quickly than Nora’s son, whose dismissal took six years.

At the time, the widower stated that he was not willing to wait that same number of years to be dismissed and that is why he decided to support the trial, so that “once and for all” the process against him is closed, according to recalled defender Brito.

Macarrón was prosecuted in March 2016 by the former prosecutor Miralles, who initially questioned the alibi that he was in Punta del Este and accused him of “homicide qualified by the link” only.

But when the prosecutor Pizarro took over the case, he modified the hypothesis and considered that the widower hired a hit man to kill his wife while he was away on his golf trip.

Two years ago, coinciding with the 13th anniversary of the femicide, the victim’s son publicly said that there was a “criminal prosecution” against his family and described the investigation as “mediocre”.

According to the investigation, in the early morning of November 26, 2006, Nora, 51, was killed by asphyxia by strangulation and her body was left lying on the bed of her daughter Valentina, in her house on Calle 5 in the closed neighborhood. Villa Golf de Río Cuarto.

From the beginning of the investigation, different leads were followed: from a crime during a sex game, a sexual abuse followed by death, a femicide and murder for hire.

The experts found at the crime scene the genetic pattern of the Macarrón lineage (haplotype Y) and this element was used first to accuse Facundo and later to target the widower, who always recognized that before traveling he had had sexual relations with his wife .

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