11 years after the rescue of the 33, fatal accidents in mining have fallen more than 70%

The biminister of Mining and Energy, Juan Carlos Jobet; and the director of Sernageomin, Alfonso Domeyko, celebrated this Wednesday in Copiapo the “National Day of Mining Safety”, established in 2019 in commemoration of the world famous “rescue of the 33”, happened in 2010.

Today we commemorate 11 years of the rescue of the 33 of Atacama, and also when the President Piñera decreed, in 2019, the National Day of Mining Safety“said Jobet, referring to the workers of the Mina San José that they spent 69 days trapped at 720 meters depth.

In an act in the Regional Museum of Atacama, located in Copiapo, Jobet highlighted that “in the last 10 years, Chilean mining of all sizes – small, medium and large mining – has made very important advances in terms of safety”.

“We have reduced fatality by 75 percent; a 80 percent in small mining, thanks to the efforts of many actors: companies, Sernageomin, the Ministry of Mining, other public agencies, but especially from the mining workers themselves“, he pointed.

Jobet highlighted the effort of “the mine workers themselves” to strengthen security. (Photo: Ministry of Mining)


If in the year 2010 the Dead people in the mining extractive industry were 45, in 2020 they reached 13. As of June 2021, meanwhile, the figure rises to seven people.

This has been influenced, says the Government, by the “increasingly demanding safety culture” that mining companies have adopted, but also by the strengthening of Sernageomin, that quadrupled its audits, from 2,586 in 2010 to 10,483 in 2020, an increase of 305 percent. As of June of this year, 6,695 audits have already been carried out.

The national director of the institution, Alfonso Domeyko, highlighted that especially small mininghas made an important effort in transformations, in acquiring technology and put a real effort into taking care of the workers, in addition to the operations “.

“All this drop in accident rates and fatalities have as a common factor the cooperation between workers, the State, through the Ministry of Mining, Congress and the budgets granted to Sernageomin, and officials, joint committees and unions, “added Domeyko.

The National Mining Policy, “Mining 2050”, prepared by the Ministry as a preliminary project, aims to “aim for zero fatality” in the next few years.

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