🗞 The triumph of El Tri on the covers of today Thursday

News related to the end 👇🏻

We review the covers of some sports media in Mexico, so that you stay well informed with what you need to know about the Liga Mx and the national team.


Do not miss the most important news in Mexican soccer this Thursday.

THIS: “I facilitate”

The Mexican National Team had no problems beating El Salvador, with a goal from Raúl Jiménez, who was serene when collecting the penalty to sentence the victory.

Record: Not required

El Tri, without demanding themselves, beat El Salvador in El Cuscatlán and remain the leader of the Concacaf.

Court: The return of Raúl

After almost a year, Raúl Jiménez once again scored a goal with the Mexican National Team, a goal that sealed the victory against El Salvador.

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