🗞️ The goals of Pumas and Rayados on today’s covers

We review the covers of some sports media in Mexico, so that you stay well informed with what you need to know about Liga MX and the national team.


Do not miss the most important news in Mexican soccer this Saturday.


Pumas came from behind, they expelled a player and even so it was enough to beat Querétaro 3-1 and establish themselves at the top of C22.


Pumas continues unstoppable and obtains its second victory of the tournament, thus having a start that excites all its fans. The only bad news: the expulsion of Alan Mozo. However, the felines are establishing themselves in the leadership of the C22.

Court: “They are serious”

With 8 goals in only two games, the Pumas show that they are going with everything in this start of the tournament. In addition, they have left behind the problem they had with the lack of goals since they have rediscovered the rival goal.

El Norte Field: “To the Maximum”

After a poor start to the tournament, Rayados thrashed Necaxa by 4 goals to 0. ‘Vasco’ Aguirre’s team took a firm step and somewhat calmed down the criticism for their performance.

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